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New DDR2 667mhz 4 gb (2x2gb) is recognized only 2gb


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I need help on my new Ram upgrade. I just bought Corsair DD2 667 mhz 4 GB 2 x 2GB 200-pin SODIMM Memory Modules and installed into my HP Compaq 2710P Notebook with Window Vista Business 32 Bit. But after several reboot, the new 4gb module was only recognized and counted to 2 gb.


I notice that 32 bit system may not fully support to 4 gb ram, but it should support up to 3 or 3.5 gb. What I did wrong or the Memory modules has the problem?


Any tips and advises are urgently welcome.



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This is jypchen repost my problem. I bought 4 gb value module VS4GSDSKIT667D2 G (084950510) after I check with your Memory Finder and HP Accesories. but my sytem and Bios told me I only had 2 gb in the system after I install the new 4 gb modules. I did the memory test from the bios set up.


please advise how I can do.


thanks, Jack

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TS = Troubleshooting I take it.


Next time please just use the edit button, or add the part # to your profile as per the rules / registration process.


Could you post a link to your laptop in the corsair memory finder? I didn't see it there.

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thanks for you to help find the solution. The link is:http://www.corsair.com/configurator/system_results.aspx?id=571861.


based on the reading the post issues, I think it could be that the memory kit I bought is with problem or mis labled because my bios reading is only 2 gb as the same as the system meromy reading.


I will go back to Fry's tomorrow for the check.


Thanks, Jack


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