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Defective CX400?


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A month ago, a friend and I were looking for a PSU and we both purchased a CX400. The problem is, yesterday, my friend's PSU died and from what I just read on the internet, it appears that the units we bought were form an early revision that may be defective.

I just checked mine and it has the supposedly weak black capacitor that has been replaced by a purple one in the latest revisions.


I've never encountered a single problem with my Corsair devices and I'm really confident in this brand. However I'd rather avoid frying my mobo with a defective PSU, even if it's a Corsair one.

Do I have to worry? Do I take any risk with my CX400? Its S/N is 08427052.


Thanks in advance for your answers, I hope my English isn't too bad…

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  • Corsair Employees

There was a capacitor change, however it was unrelated to the existing one being inferior. The cap was changed to help alter the hold up time rating on the PSU. The initial revision is not prone to failing or causing any problems at all, and we would not suspect that users would notice a difference.


There should be no risk or worry for installing the CX400 in your system, I think your friend may have just had a bit of bad luck with the first PSU being defective.

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