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Acer Aspire 1501LMi and VS1GSDS400

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Hi! I'm back with another problem! I had to upgrade this laptop, an "old" Acer Aspire 1501LMi, with 2 GB of memory, maxing it out. So, as a loyal Corsair customer, I went to Corsair Memory Configurator and searched good memory for it. One of the results was VS1GSDS400 (1 GB DDR-400), a perfect match because it was the only module that I was able to find easily. So I bought a pair of them


But, here comes the problem: the computer isn't able to boot with one or both these modules! The only way that it boots is with one of the "old" modules (512 MB DDR-333) and one of the new ones.


The bios is up-to-date: v1.06, as acer confirms.

Any suggestion? Unfortunately, the bios doesn't have any setting...

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Compatible Memory for your Acer Aspire 1501LMi


Based on the fact that your model came with 333 memory, I'd return the memory you got and get the Corsair 333 memory listed on that link.


but why does corsair suggest also VS1GSDS400, if it's not compatible?


anyway, as I've just said, I'm not able to find this "old" VS1GSDS333 memory easily, so I think I will stick with one module of 512 MB of DDR-333 and one module of this new 1 GB DDR-400. The other one I've bought is perfectly fit in another identic laptop configured the same way...


These laptops shouldn't have RAM dual channel, so it won't be a problem to have different modules, am I right?

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The suggestion for that system is based on the chipset, and your system for what ever reason may not support DDR400, and I would agree see if the reseller will let you return them and get the DDR333 version.
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