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CM72SD512R-2100 Mixing Micron and Nanya on S2466


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Hey Folks, I've been having a bit of an odd problem trying to upgrade a stick of RAM on my Tyan Tiger MPX machine. Years ago, when I first built the machine, I set the machine up with a stick of CM72SD512R-2100/Y (Nanya). The machine has run fine ever since. Recently, I purchased an additional 512 M model CM72SD512R-2100/M. Then things became unstable. No beep codes, just random lockups for about a week. I RMA'd the peice back to the vendor, and the week during, all things back to normal. They sent me another peice of CM72SD512R-2100/M and the same random freezes began to occcur again. I've since removed the Micron peice, and all things seem fine again. Checking Tyan's site, I noted that the /M peice is not listed as being verified for this board. Are you aware of any issues where the Micron based stick won't work with the Nanya based stick? Could my symptom have anything to do with this pairing? I realize that this board is very picky (S2466-4M) about RAM. I find the whole thing very odd, and I'm open to feedback or suggestions. I can certainly provide you with comprhensive specs of my system, but fact of the matter is that all things aside, the only difference between stability and instability is the addition of this new stick. Thanks, -Jim
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