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RMA request; Bad CM2x1024-8500C5D memory module

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Hello Ram Guy!


I ve been getting wierd BSODs for some time now and couldnt figure out what it was. Got memtest 2 days ago and run it. Well what do you know? one of the sticks was bad.


My test conditions: - vanilla settings, no OC, 1 stick in slot1, - 3 sticks run fine, no errors on several passes (on the same slot), but that one particular stick picked up 60 errors just on 2 passes. I wrote errors down and noticed that some errors were repeating, - same errors on the same tests with the same load/number transfer (whatever memtest does there).


Changing slots didnt change much...



P.S: Did I mention that dancing naked around the stick didnt do any good either? :D:

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More specifics to my problem:


I have noticed that by default BIOS sets my RAM to 1066 Mhz, therefore, I went to BIOS and sets my RAM to 800 Mhz.


First I run 3 good sticks in a memtest for 15 hours, 22 passes, - no errors. Stats are: - FSB 267Mhz, RAM 400 Mhz (801 Mhz) CAS 5-5-5-18

/ Dual Channel.


Then I run the stick in question for 5 hours, 20 passes with the same settings, above, - no errors.




But as soon as I switch to 1066 Mhz the bad stick start collecting errors in the 1st and 2nd pass (repeating errors). I know what you well probably say about 1066 Mhz requiring certain tweaking. Problem is any of the 3 good sticks run at 1066 Mhz fine with no errors (same slot and no tweaking) and in fact my motherboard handles 2 sticks of 1066 Mhz fine (refering to the 1st post) as results from memtest show.


Right now I am running all 4 sticks at 800 Mhz overnight and I ll post my results later. If some errors show, just to be on the safe side I ll up the NB voltages...


:bigeyes: ...wAtching... :bigeyes:

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