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VX450 dead? Help needed


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First of all, hello to all of you, it's my first post on this Forum and I hope it won't be my last :biggrin:


Here's the problem:

Some two weeks ago (yes, I know that's a long time, but I've been very busy recently), when I got home, my sister told me that her PC is not working. She said she was browsing the internet, when all of a sudden there was a single click and the screen went black. After that, the PC just wouldn't start.


The first thing I did was checking all the common sense things, such as plugs and connectors, possibilities of short-circuiting etc. Since these were not the case, I narrowed the problem down to the MB, CPU, or PSU. Obviously, since the PSU (CMPSU-450VXJP, I temporarily live in Japan) was bought about 9 months ago, I thought the 4-year-old MB failed. Long story short, I checked the capacitors, cleaned the MB from dust, and looked for evidence of a small blast or something like that.


Everything seemed OK, so I googled "how to check a PSU," and found the "green + black cable" method (which was also posted on Corsair's website). I've tried various options, with a DVD drive attached, with a fan, using another PSU-to-power outlet cable, and the PSU showed no signs of life, not even a single click.


Since that is a different build, the specs are written below:

CPU: Pentium 4 530J 3.0 GHz

Cooler: Scythe Andy

MB: Intel 915GAV

RAM: ehm... not Corsair, so I don't know if I can post the maker :sigh!: 2x256MB + 1x1GB

GPU: Radeon X800GT 256MB


HDD: SP2004C

Other: 1 Sony DVD reader, 1 Sony DVD writer, 1 card reader, 1 fan attached to the MB


The whole system is about 4 years old, the PSU is less than 1 year. The PSU was bought in order to replace an OEM PSU (I've read too many stories about these blowing up), and I personally consider Corsair a good brand (I have one of those almost-everything-proof flash drives, Corsair Flash Voyager :biggrin:). All temperatures were within the acceptable range, and there should be more than enough room for additional PSU load, shouldn't it?


All help/comments are welcome :biggrin:

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