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Need a little help Ramguy


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I'm having an issue that is starting to annoy me, and I need a little help if possible. The problem I'm having is system reboots/program crashes. I never get windows errors, and Windows XP never crashes, it is only a couple of games. The issue is that I will either "drop" to the desktop, which runs just fine, or the PC will reboot completely. This only seems to happen while playing cpu/video intensive programs. I originally seemed to think that this might be a heat issue, since it seemed to happen more frequently after the pc had been running for a while. I've ran the case with the side off of it for a week or so, and it seems to be better, but it still randomly bombs out on me. To be honest, I really haven't done much troubleshooting other than that. The CPU and MB temps are never very high when I check them after the PC reboots. I've been researching this a bit, and decided to run the memory test memtest86. The same thing happens with that program. It will just lock the program up. I've gotten to test 5, and its bombed out there 2 times, and its bombed on test 7 once. It is in random spots each time. I have let it sit there for about 10 minutes each time just to make sure it wasn't running slow, and it wasn't, the program was just locked. It never indicated any errors, its just the program would lock up. Can you shed any light on this if you think it might be a memory issue due to tthe memtest issue? Here is my setup: Asus P4800 deluxe MB TwinX1024-3200c2 memory 2-3-3-6 P4 2.8 HT ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128
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