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CX400W noise


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My CX400W has been very quiet since I bought it 3 months ago. However it has developed a very irritating noise couple of weeks ago. It's a combination of a whining and constant high and low fan speed, which is driving me :mad:


It tends to happen few minutes after turning on my computer, and it's no different in safe mode either.


I am wondering if my system is constantly putting it under load, and if it will make any difference getting a replacement. My system has been estimated to draw about 345w+. My system spec hasn't changed since installing this PSU


I am trying to aviod wasting money and effort sending it back to the reseller only to be told that it works fine.


Please advice me.

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Thanks for the reply, however I am not convinced that the replacement won't behave the same.


I can confirm now that the noise seem to start when computer has been on for a short while which might suggest a rise in temperature and hence full load. I bought this PSU on sale and posting it back for replacement could cost almost half the sale cost. On the otherhand when it gets noisy I struggle to use my computer.

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