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Do I have enough power?


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I've had this PC built for a bout 8 months. I've have lots of problems at this point.


the computer randomly lock ups. sometimes it doesn't boot up. One time it would turn off and on ...off and turn on and I had to reset CMOS. everything is on default right now. It's still not stable. I ran a prime95 test last night and the thing locked up. MY ASUS probe temps are fine and stable.

my GPU is running at 55C right now stock. I don't know if that could be a problem.


btw for some reason the CPU is running at 3.2ghz default. I don't know why. I contacted RMA to figure out how to set my ram @ 1600 since it runs @ 1333 , the computer freezes each time I try that setting. I have tried setting my DRAM voltage @ 1.8 and changing the latency , but it doesn't work.

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