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CMX512-3200C2 PRO 1 stick going bad?

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I bought a kit of (2x512) XMS Pro's as an upgrade for my Socket 754 MSI-K8T Neo.

Thanks to Ram Guy for the great advice 4 years ago.

I ended up buying the TWIN512-3200C2 PRO Kit online a couple months after the help. I had to go with 1GB instead of 2 due to lack of finances. I love this RAM. It's treated me right for a long time now.


So here I am back 3 years later with an issue on that RAM. It's performed beautifully for 3 years but unfortunately I think 1 of the sticks went bad a couple days ago. Been dealing with a lot of random reboots trying to figure out the culprit. I think I finally narrowed it down to the RAM. Judging from all the other topics here about 1 stick from a set going bad though I think I'm on the right track.


Stick 1 in Slot 1 only will not POST, won't turn on my graphics card to get to MemTest... My graphics card fan doesn't even spin up. I tried restarting many times with same result.

Moving Stick 2 to Slot 1 only will POST, graphic card works fine and passes MemTest through pass 10 with no problems. I used my computer for over 6 hours using only that stick with no issues.

Using both sticks will POST but computer reboots, shuts down, or freezes randomly. Longest it will stay running is about 15 minutes but usually shuts down within 2-3 minutes. Once I got a BSOD "page fault in nonpaged area".


This is after 3 years of daily use and then bam the stick stops working and my entire system go haywire because of it. I'm glad it's the ram and not the HD. RAM is much easier to replace than data.



Should I send in both sticks if it ends up that 1 stick has gone bad. It's for a socket 754 and that exact memory isn't being sold anymore. What would it be replaced with? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the LED modules on the memory and do not want to lose that feature if sent a replacement set. Is there anyway to be sure what I send in is what I'll get back or equivalent? I would be ok with a replacement of cheaper value select if I can get 2GB instead. That would an equivalent? Maybe even pay the difference if it's more...

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Submitted RMA Request Form.


I really don't want to lose the LED's on the casing if there isn't an equivalent model anymore (got that feeling it might happen). :( Is it possible to insert the same ram into the case and fix it? Losing my LED's for a non-LED RAM doesn't sound like equivalent trade to me, ya know? Any idea what I can expect to receive back?

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Well I was told there is only 1 replacement for it which is the 3200 C2PT or something like that. No LED modules. The rep said it's the only DDR1 they have period so I was stuck. I'm taking the replacement but I'm not too happy about it.


This will make me think twice before ever purchasing the more expensive memory from corsair and I'll never buy corsair with LED modules again.


I never thought that if my memory failed it would be replaced with cheaper ram. I bought some of the most expensive RAM available at the time. To me that's not replacement that's a forced downgrade. I feel like I've gotten the shaft.

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I kept the original packaging so sending it back was a breeze. I cut some pieces of paper to fit in the package and labeled each one "Good" and "Bad".


I shipped TWINX1024-3200C2PRO on 3/26/09.


I received a confirmation on 4/1/09 that Corsair received the RAM at their facility.


Replacement was shipped from Corsair on 4/6/09.


I received TWINX2048-3200C2PT G on 4/13/09.


It's running at 3-3-3-8 at 1.7v. I tried to set the timings to what is recommended for the ram and my motherboard in corsairs configuration page (2.5-3-3-7) but no matter what I do CPU-Z says my timings are always 3-3-3-8 (though my BIOS says different). So I set it to auto and it works just fine. If it ain't broke don't fix it.


The whole RMA process was a breeze and pleasant experience. I received what I would consider an equivalent value to my lost LED PRO modules with low latency XMS. I did receive 2GB which honestly was more than I was expecting. Corsair has done right by me and will continue to receive my business and recommendation. Thank you.

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