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3rd time getting bad parts from RMA - please help

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Case #813935


I received a bad module the first RMA, and now have again received another bad module.


Also, I sent in revision 5.1 (I photo copied my parts and can give you serial numbers to prove it) and got back revision 4.1!!! Now, I am not sure if it matters, but I would like to receive the latest since I paid for it. lol

I don't know if it matters. If it does, I want all things to be equal. I have some older motherboards and some very new motherboards. I am betting there is a reason for a more current revision. Beats me though...lol


Can I get replacements Fedex'd to me immediately with a shipping label inside to send back the bad ones instead of having to wait another 2 weeks??? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! lol





I have 7 different PCs here with different motherboards, etc. I tried each module one at a time in 3 or 4 of my PCs. One module is fine, the other will not allow BIOS to boot or even allow Memtest 2.11 to run.


I do have the boards config'd with proper voltage and even manually set the timings. I have the same memory in many of these systems. Yes, the same exact stuff. From revision 2.1 up to 5.1. lol All of them work fine until I stick in the bad module.


This is exactly what happened the last time with the RMA I received. One good, one bad.

This time around, I would like a little extra care and speed put into this. When I spoke to customer service on the phone, I was almost treated like I was scamming or something. Yikes!! I have been a LONG TIME CORSAIR customer. All I did was buy some RAM through Newegg that failed soon after I got it.


Help me Obi Wan Ram Guy....you're my only hope.

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One of two things is happening.


  1. Either your board is overvolting and damaging your memory (now since you are using many boards, that's very unlikely)
  2. You are following the Dark Side and killing our younglings




Your pick. :D:




When I spoke to customer service on the phone, I was almost treated like I was scamming or something. Yikes!! I have been a LONG TIME CORSAIR customer. All I did was buy some RAM through Newegg that failed soon after I got it.
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No over voltage...but doesn't matter because I have used different boards that are already using the SAME EXACT memory already! lol


I have to think the odds are catching up with me. For years, I was the guy that NEVER had a problem with any parts. Never had HD failures, never had a CPU or MOBO blow out, etc. In the past 2 years, I have had the BLEEP hit the fan so to speak in various ways. lol


No biggie. As long as I receive great customer service...I am fine with this things.


The last time I had this same exact scenario, I came here and asked the Ram Guy for some royal treatment and I got my replacement parts Fedex'd to me right away and I returned my bad parts.(like I want to keep them??? lol)


Corsair has always been cool like that BUT it seems with the phone, I never make head way. When I come here, I get treated better. Not complaining...just stating my experience. And no one has ever been rude or nasty. Always cool. Honestly, with memory companies, I have never had aggravation...Corsair or other. Seems like the RAM people know how to treat you right for some reason. I guess it is just the nature of the beast. lol memory will fail. That is why I pay close attention to the warranty and RMA policy.

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I would have called but I still don't have a voice. The night we spoke I came down with the flu and have been in bed since. I have not even tried to check anything yet. If I am feeling better tomorrow, I will follow up with you for sure.


Again, thanks for the call and going the extra mile and for teaching me. I certainly learned a few things after our chat. Neat stuff to know.


I did get an email saying replacement RAM was on the way. I hope not...lol I have not tested what I have as you instructed, so it would be a small waste of money if it turns out the RAM was not faulty and I was wrong.


Will call you and post here when I have results for you definitely!

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EDIT AND UPDATE .......lol


Below is what I originally wrote...BUT the UPS guy JUST delivered to me new RAM modules. The same exact stuff. So that email I wrote about was true. THANKS. I appreciate the effort but it is the same stuff so I doubt it will help. lol


OK...read the rest of my email then tell me what you think is best. Going back to bed now. lol






Sorry for the delay. I have had a nasty flu. Still don't have a voice yet.


Out of sheer boredom and being tired of laying in bed, I decided to try the RAM.


You were right, I was wrong. lol


It tests fine after clearing BIOS each time, etc.


I let Memtest 2.11 run 5 or 6 passes. Each was clean.


BUT - in the Asrock 780 FullHD mobo, the modules will not run in pairs. It will not even boot up properly. The modules will run individually, one at a time.



So...do you have a pair that would be generally equal or similar to what I have that will work that I could swap my modules for?


Basically, these 2 modules are useless to me otherwise and will just go on the shelf.:(:


Thanks for all the help in this matter. Would have called but I am out of breath just typing this and going back to bed.

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OK. Back again. WOW...that flu was nasty.


Alright, latest update. I had borrowed some pair kits of ddr2 800 from a friend who has some good stuff to try. We tested g e i l, OC Z, g..Skill and Kin G Ston.


Now, none was as fast as the Corsair 4 4 4 12. I think the closest I got was 4 4 4 15. All ran on voltages from 1.9 to 2.1.


Every one of them ran fine...alone or as pairs. No errors, problems, nothing after multiple tests.


My conclusion is that the Corsair RAM and the Asrock board just will not play nice with each other. lol


So, can I trade my modules in for something that will play nice with the Asrock?


Can I get some modules that would play nice with an ASUS M2N-E?


I am sure you are aware of limited voltage of the M2N-E. Are there settings that will let my Corsair RAM play nice with the M2N-E?


because if so, then nothing needs to be exchanged and I can send you guys back the other modules I received and this can be put to rest. lol :p:

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  • Corsair Employees

Personally I would just get another MB that supports the modules settings that you are trying to run.

Install the modules in the M2N-E MB and then load setup defaults and set the memory Voltage to 1.95 Volts the max that you can set with that MB and leave everything else at auto they should run great at those settings.

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OK. I quit. LOL It didn't run in pairs on the m2n-E either. I even tried clearing the CMOS just to go the extra mile. The M2N-E board is solid. Running for a year without a glitch. Just doing a memory upgrade from 2x512 to 2x1GB for Vista.


Set to 1.95 volts, auto for speed...tried even setting it to 800, no luck in pairs. The other brands ran fine. Geeeezz, is it me? Am I this dumb? lol I feel like a ghost is haunting me to make sure this does not go right. lol


I don't have any trouble with this ram in the other boards I have. So I am stumped. :eek: My conclusion, is that, because those boards are more high performance boards, the Corsair runs well. Those other boards are not as high end and probably cannot deal with that.


If there are no other ideas, I would just like to swap out the high speed pair I have for something more friendly on the Asus M2N-E or the Asrock..which ever you recommend. Maybe the 6400C5 1.9v kit? I don't care if it is a down grade as long as it is fine for apps, Netflix videos, watching DVDs, spreadsheets, and some minor Autocad work...my client and I will be happy. lol


For the record, I am still a happy camper and feel the effort to assist me has been great and Corsair and Ram Guy are solid in my book.

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  • Corsair Employees

I would suggest contacting our customer service and I am sure they will do their best to help you.


Our hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific time Monday through Friday, please try to call them again at 888-222-4346 or 510-657-8747 Ext "3" and do not hit any other extension or send an email to rma@corsairmemory.com along with your RMA# and ask them to check the status for you.
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OK. Then the 6400C5 will work just fine. I have some other brand modules that can be used in the Asrock. They have been running fine for the past week.


I will use the Corsair 6400C5 in the Asus board. Everyone can be happy about that. lol


I am just glad to have this settled. :p:


All your cooperation and assistance and effort has been noted, appreciated, cherished, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.


Thanks again!

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  • Corsair Employees
It is not settled yet you will need to work that out with our customer service we as a rule do not swap memory part numbers. And I would suggest getting the XM2S-6400C5DHX part as it will run at 1.8 Volts.
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  • 2 weeks later...


Customer service took care of me. I sent back the 2 kits you guys sent me and yesterday the new kit of 6400C5 arrived.


I put them in today. Did defaults in the bios and tested each module with Memtest.

Everything was great. Put in both modules and ran Memtest again. Everything is great.


The Asrock board sees the RAM, runs it at the correct settings either with single or both modules.


Got about 3 hours now of the PC running various tasks, etc and no problems yet. Looks like we are good to go.



I just wanted to express my appreciation to everyone at Corsair. Obviously, this whole mess was not profitable for Corsair with all the time, effort and shipping involved. BUT, you did retain a customer that has been loyal for years. A good product is one thing...outstanding Cust. Service is icing on the cake!!!!!!


Over the past 7 years of building systems for myself and clients...I have probably spent $2-3k or more on Corsair RAM. I will continue to do so.



Thanks for helping me, not blowing me off in the name of a measly buck and for proving that customers do matter.

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