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Voyager CFMUSB2.0-8gb running very slow


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I just installed a Voyager CFMUSB2.0-8gb on my laptop (Dell Dimension D600 with plenty of RAM, CoreDUO, etc.) OS is Vista.


Copying files to the Voyager, it's running about 30 MBytes/MINUTE (17 minutes for 500 MB.)


At first, I thought it was due to my plugging the drive into my Targus USB-2.0 hub, so I moved it to the USB port on the docking station (no help.) I converted from FAT32 to NTFS (no help) and turned indexing and compression off (they had been on at first.) Still, no help.


The drive is flagged as optimized for quick removal.


I suspect that I'm missing a driver or a setting. Suggestions?


UPDATE: I ran the SD-Card format utility, taking the defaults. I am now trying to copy the same files on (3,000 items, 505 MBytes). The longer it runs, the more the estimated time remaining increases. After about 4 minutes, it is showing 8 minutes remaining.

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