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2 - Corsair 750TX dead by customer???


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I resell these Power supplies. Recently, a customer bought one of these units and he later told me that the unit was not working. On speaking more to customer he said that the power supply would power on for a few seconds and cut off. When he delivered the power supply to me, I tried on a few systems, I noticed that it would not power up. The fan will make probably just one spin and cut off. I have tried different boards and paperclip method with a few fans hooked up to it. Both same issues. If the fan spun once, the only way to get it to do it again would be to remove power plug for few seconds and try again. It will still barely make one spin.


I replaced the unit for the customer with a brand new one. The issue happened again. I took it and tested it. Same result.


Customer has said that his system works fine with a generic 600w power supply. Customer did mention that each time it happened was when he installed the video card and tried to power it up.


Also I have sold other units from the same box to other customers and they don't have this problem.


Can the video card be causing this issue? What do I do from here?



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Do you know which video card he is using, and also which cable he is trying to use to power the card? It definitely sounds like something is killing the PSU, because it would be extremely rare to get two in a row that would fail in the same way.
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