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Computer won't POST unless I power cycle PSU


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I have a feeling that this may be a motherboard problem, but just in case it is PSU related. I have a new system build which will not POST from a cold boot unless I power cycle the PSU.


I am in windows, I do a shutdown, everything turns off. If I turn on the PC again, the fans/lights come on, but nothing but a black screen. My monitor does not turn on. If I then shut off the PC by holding the power button, I switch off the power supply, switch it back on, turn on the PC, and everything works fine.


Could this potentially be a PSU problem? or is the deifinitely motherboard related?

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Sounds more motherboard related, any way you could test the PSU in a different system to try and duplicate the issue? You may also want to make sure you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard, and then load setup defaults and see if there is any change.
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