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What type of UPS to use with Corsair TX650W?

IR Sanchez

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I want to get a UPS for my rig. After reading through the subject, i'm a bit confused.

I know, that the online type UPS are the ultimate solution and would do the trick.

Due to cost concerns, i'm aiming for the line-interactive topology with AVR, with the wattage of ~300-400, to be a bit future proof (I never use multi-card and/or multi-gpu solutions, so that should be enough even for OC'ed i7 build)


Is it true, that a modern PSU, with Active PFC, needs a UPC with true sinus wave output?

I've come to opinions, that UPS with quasi-sinus output, can lead to PSU failures, is it true?


Is it the case with my TX650?


Best regards,


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The only issue I have seen with people using a simulated sine wave UPS is that when it is running on battery power, you may get a slight hum/buzz from the PSU. The noise would not indicate any major issue, just an annoyance.
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