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CM2X2048-6400C5 - one stick went bad

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Starting experience random (small) issues.


Ran Memtest86+ several times (each overnight).


Both sticks in and I get errors


Pull stick #2 and run stick #1 by itself, still get errors


Put stick #2 back in it's slot and pull stick #1, no errors


Pull stick #2 and place it in the slot used by stick #1, no errors


Few more tests moving the sticks around. Short of it is when stick #1 was in the system (no matter where) there were errors. When stick #2 was in by itself (no matter where) no errors.


My conclusion is that stick #1 has gone bad on me.


Filled out a Tech Support Express form with this info on Saturday with no response as of tonight. Now I did ask the following question so maybe this is what slowed down the response:


I realize you need me to ship both sticks back, is there any possibility of crosshiping the parts or of sending replacements and charging my Credit Card and then issuing a credit when you get the parts shipped to you by me? 3 day shipping both ways still puts the comp out of service for a little over a week (at best) and I am looking to avoid this.



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