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Possible Memory Fault?

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I am putting together a more up to date PC, spec here


Asus P5Q Pro

Enermax 435w PSU

Intel E5200 processor

WD 320 sata drive

9800 GT graphics

Twin2X2048-8500C5D G


Now to test it out I ran Prime 95 and stated to get errors quite quickly, so I set all the Dram timings to auto same with CPU and it was still failing.

So I run Memtest 86 v 3.5 (from a bootable CD) and started to get errors almost right away. I had set the Dram volts to 2.2 already because it would not boot with both modules installed otherwise.

So I run the test with just one stick of 1gig in and it ran OK for 3 passes, so I changed the stick over and almost right away got errors, so it looks to me like I have a faulty dram stick.

Any help please.




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