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I just bought a 32 GB Survivor, expecting it to be as awesome as my very old 2 GB Voyager, and I'm in desperate need of some help guys.


I've followed this thread and done what's expected, I’ve also gone into device properties for the Survivor and changed the Device Policy from "Optimise for Quick Removal" to "Optimise for Performance" and I'm still getting preposterous Write Speeds for small files.


Large files such as 4gb DVD images etc transfer at a fairly respectable 5mbps, but small files are taking forever! Image1 shows how long it was going to take 2hours to copy across 6gb’s of my graphic design work across to this drive! Another test I did was to copy across 12mb of my documents, all being fairly small .doc .xls files etc, and just 12mb took 9 minutes!


Image 2 shows the “Random Write” test result of 359kbps, Image 3 I had to quit after leaving it running for well over the 1hour mark!


Serious problems here guys, I think I’ve got a major dud here. I’ve got this device plugged straight into the back of my PC, so it’s not running off any Hub, and my PC is totally USB2 and the device is recognised as being a 2.0 device.









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oh bugger!


It's going to be predominately used for large quantities of smaller files. As a graphic designer I wanted something smaller and more portable than my old External USB-HDD, but quite rapid at copying to and fro!


Will it make any difference trying something like "format p: /u /a:16k"? Making the cluster sizes much smaller?


Thanks in advance, Rich.

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