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Compatible Memory for Asus P5KR Vs. P5K


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I´m having a hard time finding some PC2-8500 2x2 Gb memorysticks that are compatible with my Asus P5KR motherboard.


I therefore realy hope that someone in this forum can help me with that.


When i use the memory compatible list fore motherboard on corsairs homepage. I only get these 2 options and they are not PC2-8500 memorysticks but PC2-6400 sticks.:, [pouts:





Then when i select the P5K and this is the same board just that my P5KR supports raid-configuration. I get about 15 options for this board and there is alot of PC-8500 options e.g







Could someone please tell me why my P5KR not should be able to use the same moduls as the P5K board.:question:



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Thanks alot.:biggrin:


I realy hope this is going to work.


The memory voltage on the P5KR are the same as the P5K. I also have tried in overclock mode with my XMS2 PC-6400 to run them with 2,1 Volt and it were no problem.


What will you suggest that i by ?


The ordinary TWIN2X4096-8500C5 or the TWIN2X4096-8500C5D.


My Intel E8400 is now O.C to 3.8 GHz and i run 420 x 9 FSB.

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Yes, they should work just fine.


Thanks RAM GUY


It were also what i had in mined.


What about the ones with ekstra fan is it worth the extra money ?


I think í´ll by these.






And you think these will be compatible with my P5KR as they are for the P5K motherboard. :sigh!:

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Hallo again


I have now purchased the TWIN2x4096-8500C5D 2x2 GB memory blocks.


And i have no problem running them.


But something is not rigth. Before (with old RAM) i had OC to 420 FSB from 333 MHz FSB (default) and memory was running at 840 MHz an it was totally stable. It could run 24/7 with max load and there were no issues.


Now with the new blocks this is also possible but i would like to go faster if i raise the FSB to 444 MHz and the memory is thereby running at 1066 FSB with 2.1 Volts the system get unstable and shots down after only 10-20 min depending on how much the system is working.


The temp on CPU is no problem both cores is around 44 degres Celcius in idle and max 57-58 in max load.


Could it be that i have to raise the volt for the mem or is that not a go thing to do.


Or do any one have some advice for me. :bigeyes:

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As you over clock the CPU you may not be able to get that high with the memory and you may need to lower the CPU multiplier as you raise the CPU FSB. And you may need to adjust the C{U and NB Voltages as well. I would start over and set the memory Frequency at DDR800 with the CPU at default and then over clock the CPU and see how hight you get.
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Thanks Ram Guy.


I have found the issue i had regarding the system being unstable with FSB 444 and more.


It were the setting that alows the system to slow down the multiplier when in windows from 9 times to 6 times.


By disableing this funktion in the bios the system is now more stable and i can run FSB at 446 MHz x 9 (4014 MHz) for more then 4 hours. But then it starts to get unstable. Well i think that this is an okay result but i´ll try to slow down the multiplier and raise the FSB as you have advised me.


I´ll like to thanks everyone that have given me some god advice in this forum. It´s a nice place you got here.:biggrin:

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Any core product at 4.0Ghz is going to be running very fast. Well done :):

Download Everest Trial Version from here -->

Install Everest and right click on the (i) icon in the system tray. Choose Tools --> Cache and Memory Benchmark. Run the Benchmark and post the finished screenshot.


I´ll like to thanks everyone that have given me some god advice in this forum. It´s a nice place you got here.:biggrin:
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