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cgm2x2g800 problem


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Today i wanted to my 2x1GB RAMs with 1x2GB corsair RAM. However, i removed my working RAMs and pluged the new corsair CGM2X2G800 in. When i turn on my computer, fans begin working and nothing else happens.


if i put my old RAMs back, everything works properly again.


i updated my BIOS before replacing the RAMs. The version that i use atm is P5B-ASUS-Deluxe-1238.


is this RAM defect?


thanks for help.

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as far as i see support department is closed at the moment, but i would like to change my product today if i could get an answer here. because i have the possibility to visit the store that i bought another 2 hours. can anyone with experience tell me if it looks like a defect product?
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