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I have a problem


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i recently updated my computers graphics card cause i believe it was a graphics problem.


however this was not the case and i did ran some of the following and came up with and interesting problem: memtest86, prime95 and furtest.


furtest was fine.

prime95 stopped due to error within 5 mins.

i went through and updated everything(even bios) i could and then manually set the ddr timings(5/5/5/15).

this did not fix the problem..

i ran a memtest and i had error so i started to tested individual sticks.

all came back working fine.

i then did 2 sticks and the computer ran fine. as soon i went back to 8gb the problem came back?


any suggestions or should i just stick with 4gb for the moment


i havent test 6gb in diff slots yet... thats tonight's and tomorrow night's test.( as in the 3rd stick being in the the two extra slots)


or is there something i can do with the advanced timing?


or should i be sending in my motherboard for replacement?

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Anytime you populate more than two DRAM slots it is advised to lower one full bin. You can try what you want but your memory controller has to drop to a synthetic dual channel mode with three modules. Why not just use four and drop to 800? The differential is very minimal. In memory speed terms, possibly 5%.
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In general, 4GB at DDR800 is preferable to 3GB at more than DDR800. Also, your MOBO and your CPU will likely have to run 3 modules in what is called Flex Mode Dual Channel which is not quite as efficient as symmetrical dual channel which is what you get with 2 or 4 modules. Check with Intel for more information on this.
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