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Must my DDR have "KIT", "TWIN" etc. to be replaced as a pair?


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I have a pair of Value Select RAM sticks, module VS1GB400C3, and one of them has gone bad. I know that normally I would send both sticks of a matched set back even if only one of them is bad, but these sticks do not have "KIT" in the part number on the label. Could these come as a matched pair without having "KIT" on the label? The memory chips are the same on both sticks (Samsung, largest numbers all the same), and the individual serial numbers are very close - identical except the last 3 digits - ending in 777 and 821. So certainly they were bought at the same time, but maybe not in the same package. They were being used in one computer, and I'd like to send both of them back if that's allowed, so I will still have replacements I can use as a set.


I emailed customer support and asked, and the response that came back just told me how to ask for an RMA and did not actually answer the question.

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