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TW3X4G1333C9 only 1066MHz ?


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A few days ago I bought an Asus P5Q3 and Corsair's TW3X4G1333C9 memory kit. ( 2x 2gb )

This memory kit is suggested by Asus and Corsair for this motherboard.


It should run at 1333MHz but my motherboard reports 1066MHz.

I am using the orange slots for the two sticks.


All my settings are the default. (auto)


Can you suggest the proper Bios settings to make this memory work at 1333MHz ?


...or maybe suggest a different memory kit to avoid more frustration ?

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I was thinking of trying what DerekT suggests here:



I hope it works for me.


I think that the only difference of TW3X4G1333C9DHX

with my TW3X4G1333C9 is the heat spreader,

so if I don't have faulty ram, these settings will work for me.


I will post the result in a few hours.

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Insert a stingle stick of memory in the first slot. Enter BIOS and set to the values given. Shut the system down. Boot to the Memtest CD with that single stick and allow for two full paasses. Shut the system down. Remove the first stick and insert it in slot two. Repeat memtest. Shut the system down. Remove the first stick and insert it into slot three and repeat memtest. Do the same for the last slot. You have now tested one stick and all four slots.


Shut the system down and remove the first stick. Insert the second stick in slot one. Retest. You have now tested both sticks in single channel mode.


Now test for the Dual Channel Mode function of the memory controller. Insert a stick in slot one and three and memtest. Remove the set and insert it into slot two and four and memtest.



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I did the memtests and I got no errors!


Now I entered windows successfuly with the new settings,

and everything seems ok.


Thanks for your help ! :praise: :D:


I am thinking that something is strange though.

I mean, I am using exactly the same memory settings as before

but windows wouldn't load before doing those memtests.


Can I make sure that the system will be stable from now on ?


I was thinking of replacing this memory kit with another Corsair memory kit, tomorrow early in the morning but now I am really confused.


Is there any other utility to make 100% sure that windows won't start crashing and freezing in a few days ?


( ...or do I just worry without any reason ? )

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Very likely there were issues with the Automatic settings and they needed to be re-enumerated. To be certain of both CPU and Memory, use the Intel Linpack CPU/Memory test.


Download Realtemp from Here


Run Linpack for full memory (1) and use a 5 pass iteration. Run Real Temp and watch the temperatures. Let the Linpack program run for the full 5 passes. The output in the screen will give you five sets of values. The Residual <Norm> values should be identical for a stable CPU and DRAM.


Be sure to turn off your screensavers, display settings that turn the monitor off for this test.

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You are looking pretty good to me. Now if you had blue-screens before and still find some instability, I would install the OS freshly. If you are not finding any issues, then very likely you are fine with regards to software data corruption.


I think it passed the test! :):


I have included a screenshot of the results.

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That's correct, the OS has it's own headroom and hardware headroom that can not be tested as it is in "Protected Mode". I have 6GB and when I run the burn test I have 4135 available.


hmm I noticed now in the screenshot that the IntelBurnTest says:


" Using maximum available memory to stress test (2709 MB). "


:confused: Did I run the test properly?


but how can this be true?

Bios and Windows task manager, report 4gb.

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