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OC q9550 & Corsair DHX-DDR3-1333

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I'm new in OC and I want to try this but I can't get any further to get a stable OC configuration.

I want to OC my CPU at 4Ghz but my memory's stuck at an OC off 3,68GHZ. What to do now?

Can anyone help me any further?


Thanks in advance!

Kevin, Belgium.



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You have a C1 revision CPU and they do not easily make even a 450Mhz FSB. The newer revision E0 does, but not yours. I have had two C1 revision Quads and one made 420. The other didn't even make it that far. I don't think that there's much you can really do other than to sell that CPU and purchase an E0 revision which usually can make 450 - 470MHz FSB.


It's not the memory that has you stuck. To be honest, you've got a very good overclock out of that C1 if it is fully stable at a 430MHz FSB.

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