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The ever reoccuring 1066mhz-problem!


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Hello good people!


I've had alot of problems with running my memories at 1066mhz.

I've just flashed my bios to the latest version, and I've tried mixturing with the clock-values in many different ways, including voltage.


Right now, for helping purpose, I've set all my bios values to "Auto"

and this is what cpu-z shows from that:








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The X2 AMD memory controller does not support 1066Mhz Memory speed.


Ah, there we go..


Can the mods verify this?


I tried having my clock at 13x215 which slightly clocked my cpu to 2800mhz from 2600mhz.


This gave my memories a slight clock, but in memtest they failed.


I've now set it back to 13x200 which gives 0 clock on the cpu and memories, but they didnt fail in memtest for 6 hours. I'll take it that my cpu doesnt support the 1066mhz memory speed.

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