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I don't intend to overclock my CPU for now.

Can you please show me the exact relevant BIOS Settings for my Corsair memory and CPU (if it needs to be overclocked)? Do I have to overclock my CPU in order to run the advertised specs of TR3X6G1333C9?


By default, this memory used to run at 1066Mhz. The only things I have changed in the "Extreme Tweaker" menu are as follows:


DRAM Frequency: DDR3-1333Mhz

DRAM Bus Voltage: 1.5

DRAM Timing Control => DRAM CAS# Latency: 9

DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay: 9


DRAM RAS# ACT Time: 24


These are the only SIX fields that I have changed. Is it correct? Everything else is in "Auto". I would appreciate if you show me the complete relevant settings.

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