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Voyager 16GB slow on Vista x64, fast on XP


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I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have a Voyager 16GB drive and on my Vista x64 box, write speeds are extremely slow, it took about 30 min to copy a 200 MB file last time I tried. It will start writing fast, and then just slow to a crawl for a while and then finally continue at a higher speed. I have tried changing the write caching options in device manager, I have also checked through other relevant posts in this forum for possible answers. The usbstor files are in my c:\windows\inf folder, no change when different files are copied in. I have also tried formatting as NTFS and FAT32 with different options under each, but ultimately, I'd rather keep FAT32.

At first I figured the drive was bad and I would RMA it, but I put it on another machine with Windows XP 32-bit and it copies that same 200MB file (through the network) from the Vista machine to the Voyager (connected to the XP machine) in under a minute.

This means it is definitely a Vista problem, possibly a 64-bit problem. I have updated all motherboard drivers as well, which, of course, didn't change anything.

Are there any other settings I could check, or is there a chance that the drive might be defective? I should also mention that on my Vista x64 machine, none of my other USB flash drives (all 2GB and under) have write speed problems, nor do any external USB drive I have ever connected, which all range in size from 40GB to 1TB, and a few different USB-to-IDE and USB-to-SATA chipsets.

Thank you.

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This is something that I have posted before and may be relivent to this but Vista does have some known performance issues with Flash Drives that was supposed to be addressed with SP1 but as you have seen it may not be.


I would check this link as it seems to be a common issue with Vista


This seems to work as well.

Go to Local Disk ©, got to Windows, got to System32, go to Driverstore, go to Filerepository, go to usbstor.inf ( click the on that is newest), copy the usbstor.inf and usbstor.PNF files. After you have copied the two files got to Windows, inf folder and paste the files in that folder. Now your usb devices (flash drives, hard drives, ipods, etc.) should work. But you may need to remove the listed device for the non functioning device and restart the system.

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