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Motherboard not listed: Gigabyte GA-EP45C-UD3R


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I will plan as if I'm OC'ing, even if I don't - and get the better memory.


Since the processor runs at 1333MHz, shouldn't the memory as well? Or are the two unrelated?


Any reason why no DDR3 memory was recommended? This board supports both, but perhaps there's reason to stick with DDR2.


Thank you!

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  • Corsair Employees

In our experience so far, it seems that the dual memory type boards do not OC memory very well as compared to a board with the same chipset but that is dedicated to only DDR2 or only DDR3. So, you'll likely have the best results with DDR2.


I am certainly not saying DDR3 won't work of course. And, you'd have a better chance of being a bit "future proof" if you go with DDR3. If you wanted DDR3 for this board, I would suggest this kit:



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