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HX-620 Continious Looping Noise


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I am facing a Noise Problem with my New Corsair HX620 power supply.


I hear a Continuous Lopping Buzzing Noise that I can also feel it when I touch my case.


The loop is like the sound came from the movie Contact (it is continuous and it is quite deep).


I stopped ALL the fans and the noise is still there.


Is there any solution ????


Thanks in advance.

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  • Corsair Employees

Do you hear the same buzzing if you boot the system up into safe mode? The buzzing may be coming from a capacitor from either the motherboard, graphics card or PSU. I would see what you can do to narrow it down, and if it looks like its coming from the PSU then we can replace it for you.


You can use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”

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Thanks for your reply.


The noise is vivid even in the Bios.


Actually, it is like a pulse like the pc is alive.

You can touch the pc and feel it.


Now, it is either from the PSU or the M/B.

How, can i narrow it down?


Have you heard any similar before ?



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