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Computer rebooting


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I just purchased equipment to put together a new system.


Upon completion I turned on the unit and everything was fine until I got to the point where I wanted to use the front inputs on the case. Whenever I touch the front controls, either with a USB Flash drive, audio cables or even my finger if I have a charge, the computer reboots.


I first thought it was a case problem. So, I returned my Antec Twelve Hundred case and purchased a Cooler Master HAF932.


I put the computer back together in the new case and the same exact thing is happening. So, it can't be the case.


So, now I'm wondering if there is a grounding issue on the power supply?


What should I check or what should I do next? Please help, I've spent hours and hours on this and I'm not getting anywhere.


I just want to use my new rig! :biggrin:


Thank you!

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I would recommend mounting the PSU outside of the case and disconnect any hardware from the motherboard and PSU that are not absolutely necessary for getting the system to boot up. If there is no change then I would test the PSU in a different system to see if you can duplicate the same issues. If the problems go away, plug in one thing at a time and see if you can isolate which component is causing the system to short/ground out.
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I removed the power supply from the case and tried again. This time the computer turned off instead of rebooting. It just shut down.


So, I then removed both Video Cards from the box and tried again. This time the computer rebooted when I touched the front inputs.


Next, I removed all of the cabled into the motherboard except for the power on button for the front. So all that was going to the motherboard was the SATA cable for the HDD, the cable for the power on button on the front of the case and the fans.


This time the computer rebooted.


I then reversed the cable for the power on button up front. Again the case rebooted.


My other computers at home have different orientations for power. I tried the power supply on one other computer and it would start and just have all the lights on the PC on and never go into the OS.


Now what? Thank you.

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