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HX520 noisy without stoping


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I saw all the threads here about problems of noisy HX520 psu, but all of them happened when the 3D Application is on its true or I am wrong, in my case when my computer turn on after I press the power button and the noisy singing start sometimes louder sometimes less one of the weird ones is when I download file form website and I hear it very well loud and less when the files is finished. I disconnect and disable the net card also the sound card but nothing can stop the PSU noise.

I would love to hear any option that can help, and if the option is to replace it to how I need to connect in Israel.


Thank so much


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Ram Guy , Unfortunately in safe mode I still hear it but less loud than when the windows works in normal mode.


I also checked if the sound come from the MB or the video card but the answer is negative.


any other solution , I have to say that except from the sound that bother a lot, the computer response normal no crashes , or something that i can point of why it's act like that.


I really hope that it will not make any damage to the hardware and that it's just noise not more (I be more than happy if was a solution to make this noise disappear, because i don't like strange things like that)


thank you


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The noise would not indicate any functionality problem with the PSU, or any risk of anything being damaged. Its likely a coil that is buzzing on either the PSU, video card, or motherboard. If the noise is bothersome, then we can try replacing the PSU for you but I would recommend testing in a different system first to make sure there is not some other component responsible for it.
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