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Concerned about Corsair Survivor


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Hi there,


Im writing to you from england and wonder if you can help. I have a 16gb survivor which has been great. However I have accidently caught it when moving past my pc (its on the floor), and bent the usb connector on the drive. I managed to bend it back and althought it has a bit of a dent, it appears to work fine. It is a little loose and im just concerned about using it in case I lose any data.


Could you advise me if there is anything I can do?


Thank you for your time.

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Hi RAM GUY, thnak you very much for your quick reply. Is it worth me sending it back as it has been damaged by myself which I admit? I did hope that the drive would be a bit more of a 'survivor' though!


If its not going to be replaced then I would rather not be without it, or may just buy a smaller drive (in physical size).


Just want to check as in your first sentence you say it may be returned as physical damage, yet in the second you say you will be happy to replace it.


Many thanks

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