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Rebate problem from November.


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After having difficulty with the rebate forms, I got this message:



Kelvin Djunaedi to me: 12/2/08


Hi Cirthix,


I apologize for this delay, I got no solid reply from the rebate group. Let's make this easier for all of us. Please send me attachment/mail me:


- The purchase invoice

- Scans of the UPC barcodes


and I will process your rebate manually from our head quarter which only takes 2-3 weeks compared to the normal procedure which might take up to 8 weeks. Again, I'm really sorry about this delay.


Please give me a call directly at the ext below if you have more question or concern regarding this. Thank you.



Kelvin Djunaedi


CSG Lead


I sent Kelvin the UPC scans and invoice, but have not yet received the rebates. The last response from Kelvin was January 23.


I do not have a case number, but can forward the emails on request PM/email me.




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