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Corsair Dominator DDR3 2000 MHz and Asus Striker II Extreme

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Download Memtest86+ V2.11 from--->

and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk.

Download CPU-z from-->

Enter your BIOS and set to these values:

Extreme Tweaker 

CPU Level Up = Auto
Memory Level Up = Auto
FSB - Memory Clock Mode = UnLinked
FSB - Memory Ratio = Manual
CPU Multiplier = 7
FSB (QDR) Frequency = 1800 (450)
Mem (DDR) Frequency = 2000 (1000)
LDT Frequency = 5x

Memory Timing Section 

P1 = Auto
P2 = Auto
tCL = 9
tRCD = 9
tRP = 9
tRAS = 24
Command Per Clock = 2T
tRRD = 6
tRC = 32
tWR = 10
tWTR = 22
tFAW = 24
tRD = Auto
tRTP = 9
tRFC = 66
tREF =7,8uS

Over Voltage

CPU Voltage = 1.35v
CPU PLL Voltage = 1.5v 
CPU VTT Voltage = 1.35
Memory Voltage + 1.90v
NB Core Voltage = 150v
SB Core Voltage = 1.50v

Boot to the memtest CD and test for two full passes. Then, if stable, enter Windows and post your CPU-z CPU/Memory and SPD tabs in screenshots.

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Do you think that the problem is the motherboard???people say that the nvidia chips are not as good as the intel ones but if you wanted to have sli it was the way to go, does not apply now because the x58, i can not return the memory becouse i bought it like 5 month ago so... ehhh.. nop :sigh!: the set up 4.3 and 1800 is no so stable as i would like, sometime i get blue screen sometime not i can post the full seating in the bios so you can advise me to change something to improve stability, thanks bye
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