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Bios settings for Asus ASUS M3A78 PRO with 2 pairs of TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF


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Currently I am unable to have my memory at 1066 MHz speed:


* RAM is detected as DDR2 800. Everything works fine this way, this includes the OS and Memtest X86.


* When trying to force 1066 speed (everything else set to Auto), I have a kernel panic (Ubuntu 8.04), and Memtest is crashing after only a few seconds.


* I have read on Corsair web site that some systems are requiring a Northbridge voltage boost in order to support 8GB RAM. So I have done this voltage update. Memtest was not crashing, but reporting many errors after only a few seconds.


So my question is: what settings should I put to have my 8GB RAM working at 1066 ?




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From what I read on the AMD technical notes regarding Phenom II and DDR2-1066MHz. It does not officially support 1066MHz when more than one dual rank module is installed per channel. Currently there are no single ranked 1066MHz DDR2 RAm that I'm aware of. When installing 4 x 2GB on this board, you are installing 4 ranks per channel and the max supported is 2 ranks per channel for 1066MHz.
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