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Bad RAM or RAM Slot?


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Hello everyone,


I had to register to ask this question regarding some RAM I have purchased.


Not too long ago, my computer crashed and I was able to figure out that 1 of my RAM sticks went bad. With only that stick installed, my motherboard would report a CRC Checksum error on my BIOS. Moving the pair around a bit, I could get memtest86 to run, but it would jam up a few seconds in. Running only the other stick of RAM, my PC would boot and pass memtest86 with no problems.


I had forgotten about looking into a RMA and purchased a new pair on 2/15/09, TWINX2048-3200C2PT (this is a 3 year old system so it is regular DDR ram). Installation went fine and it passed memtest86 just fine. All was good until earlier today. My computer crashed and running memtest86 throws thousands of errors. Removal of the second stick causes it to pass, using only the second stick throws the thousands of errors. Put the RAM into another PC, same errors.


I would assume that the RAM was just faulty except that the sticks that have failed, lets call them Sticks B, were both in the same slot at the time of their failure. In order to test that slot, I put the good stick in that slot and ran, and fully passed, memtest86. Considering that the first stick that failed was in there for 3 years before failing and the second stick failed in only a week, I am seeking advice.


Is it possible that I have a bad RAM slot or should it just be coincidence that both stick Bs failed in that slot? If I get any more RAM, I am going to put them into different slots than I have been (motherboard has 2 blue and 2 black, been using 2 blue ones.) just in case.


And of course it boils down to, would something like this be covered under the Corsair warranty? Should I send in the 2 sticks I just purchased to be RMAed? I have no way of knowing if it was a faulty stick or if my motherboard is damaging them. Visual inspection of the motherboard looks fine and I have never had any stability issues ever before with Corsair RAM or this Motherboard. Gotta figure 3 years of almost constant running is one heck of a test.


Thank you for all of your advice and help.

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