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Computer wont "start" RMA time?


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Hi I have posed this question on the site forum where I purchased the pieces to my system and have gotten many replies. They have helped me narrow the issue down to two possible issues causing my computer to not "start"...


I built a computer piecewise and did the assembly myself, it worked "great" (some headaches but they were solved) for around a year.

But a few days ago I was playing a game (TF2), and my computer just shutdown. When I pressed the power button to restart my system all the fans and lights went on but nothing came up on my monitor. Also I found it strange that the power LED and HDD LED were on (steady, constant), also my MB also beeps just before the POST page is shown, but neither the beep nor the page is shown.


Later when I checked what the beep code is for silence :p: , "Power supply or system board problem" -http://www.pchell.com/hardware/beepcodes.shtml


I tried an old PSU, from my old computer, to power my new computer. It got to the POST page and the single beep; but it smelt like something was burning... later I put that old PSU back in the old computer and it still worked/works fine... phew.


When I did the green and black short test of the new PSU, I get nominal reading: 12V is +/- .25V and same with the 5V and 3.3V...


So is my motherboard being picky about my PSU or is the new PSU dead...


Thanks for you help in advance.

ps. the new PSU is corsair...

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Well I took the new PSU in to the store where I purchased it, they let me use their power supply tester... The tester beeped alot, and the guy who was helping me told me there is something wrong with the PSU... he did not specify what exactly was wrong with it.......... He told me I should send it back to the manufacturer, Corsair. Is it time to jump through some postage hoops? (Shipping to Corsair)


Thanks again for your time and help.

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