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Asus P6T and TR3X3G1600C9 basics


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I have built my system and all is fine - set to auto in BIOS.


I have looked for a basic guide to updating my bios settings to 9-9-9-24-2T

and possibly 1.65v but no luck. I have tweaked Corsair memory in BIOS before but the P6T seems to have too many settings to adjust and I am not sure which ones I need to change to get optimum performance and which to leave alone.


Please could some very kind person tell me which lines to adjust in the BIOS.


Thank you.

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  • Corsair Employees

I would suggest that you take a look at your manual and read the BIOS section. Specifically look into the A.I. Tweaker section as this section is where the memory adjustments are. You can choose to set the memory timings and voltages manually or, you can use the Intel XMP memory option which will automatically set all of the BIOS settings needed to get the best performance from your memory.


Here is the data sheet with the tested settings for your memory.




In section 3.4.6 of your manual, the first 4 memory timings listed are the 4 memory timings you need to set manually to the settings in the data sheet. All other settings are best left at the default settings unless you have stability issues.

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