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Voyager 64 GB is not recognized under Fedora Core 6


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We are experiencing the problem described by previous posters for a Flash Voyager 64GB used in our workgroup.


  • Operations under Windows XP w/o problems.

  • Stick is not recognized (even when booting with memory stick inserted) under Fedora Core 6, kernel

Kernel reinstallation is not an option atm. Are there other ways of solving this problem?


Many thanks!


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It works fine under Suse Linux 9.1 (w/ kernel 2.6.8) and a relatively old Ubuntu version. So the problem seems to be caused particularly by the Fedora installation. Indeed, not all updates are installed on that machine (due to other compatibility issues). Are there particular packages for which updates might resolve the problem? We would really like to avoid reinstalling a different kernel.

Many Thanks!

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