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HX520W - Enough Power? Recommendations?


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First off, I'd like to know if this PSU provides adequate power to the setup. As of now, I have the system running and I've run torture test such as Prime95, and Orthos for several hours with no errors. I have experienced problems when tweaking some devices e.g. adding external HDD would result in Cycle on/off sequence until I flipped the power switch off as it cycled off. Following this incident I then removed the external HDD. Powered on and pc booted as normal. I currently have the pc running and I haven't encountered any major errors haven't tried intensive gaming yet. I've only been using this setup for about 1 week.

Do I need a new PSU? Can this potentially damage my PC components if I continue to use this PSU?


I did some light reading on Rails and such and I'm quite confused on the multiple rails subject. Specifically in regards to the GTX 285, since it draws a maximum of 183W / 12V = 15.25 amps- Does the 2 PCIe 6pin cables running from the PSU supply a constant amperage of 36 amps? Basically I'm trying to figure out how to calculate what a good PSU for my PC would be. I used the PSU calculator , and it recommended 696W. Any help, information, would be greatly appreciated.

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This PSU is more than enough for your system since you have a single GTX 285 and an E8400.


As far as your booting issue, your system sounds as if it is trying to boot from the external HD and that is why you get the boot issue. Check in your BIOS and see if you have an option to prevent the system to boot from an external USB HD.

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