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What are the appropriate timings for 12 GB of TR3X6G1600C8D G on EVGA X58 Mobo?


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I am in need of the right voltage and timings for 12 GB of Dominator DDR3 1600 (Model: TR3X6G1600C8D G) for use in the EVGA X58 SLI Motherboard.


After flashing the bios to version "SZ1G" the system doesn't recognize the RAM at full 1600 (this is normal for this BIOS - you have to manually adjust the voltage + timings in order to get it right).


I have been advised by EVGA Technical Support to ask here on these forums.


I have read through these topics already, but the answer still eludes me:






Thank you in advance!

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OK...so I have a new bios that allows the memory to run at 1600 MHZ...8-8-8-24-2T. My question is about the voltage. In the bios, the choices are 1.60, 1.625, 1.65, 1.675 and 1.7. After I flashed the bios, the bios was set for 1.65 but ran the voltage into the memory at 1.7, so I backed down until I got it under the 1.65 as specified by Corsair. At 1.60, my motherboard and EVGA E-Leet specify that the memory is running at 1.62-1.63 max. I know the memory, at 1600 mhz is required to run at 1.65. Is this going to be an issue, long term. Currently I ran Memtest 2.11 for 4 runs with NO errors...just want to make sure I don't mess the memory up by undervolting. If I set the bios to 1.625 I get 1.67, so then it would be too high.


You need to be certain your board is not overvolting the memory like this persons EVGA board. Set to the timings that are given although I set to X.M.P. Test with Memtest. Then shut down, remove the three sticks and insert the second set of three and repeat memtest.


Finally, shut down and insert both sets and repeat memtest.


Keep in mind that it depends on the quality of the On CPU die memory controller with regards to how fast you can get two sets of memory to run. I advise you to set one kit of three to slot 2, 4, and 6 and then set the memory voltage and timings of 8-8-8-24 2T (although I find X.M.P best personally). You need to increase the CPU/DRAM Vtt (whatever your board calls it) to 1.60v if you do not use X.M.P. and your memory to 1.65. You might, like the fellow above have to use the E-Leet to determine your actual voltage reading (without the certainty of a Digital Multi-Meter) and lower the BIOS voltage accordingly to maintain 1.65v.

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The EVGA SLI motherboard does not support XMP settings. I have also heard that the current X58 motherboard/bios has a hard time running RAM at 1600 with 12 GB. You might want to look on the EVGA forums as they may have found a fix, but as of right now I think that this is still an issue they are working to resolve. I would appriciate an email if you find out how to fix this problem as I am waiting for an answer to this issue before I pick up another 6gb
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Nvidia seems to still be attempting to go their own way. SLi memory is a thing of the past since Nvidia has bought/traded for the Intel Chipset X58 there is no use for SLi in the new i7+ systems and they do not want to impliment XMP? Another reason I will not go this route.


I would install one set of three and find stability. Then insert the second set.




The EVGA SLI motherboard does not support XMP settings.
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