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16GB Voyager GT


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I just purchased a 16GB Voyager GT. Before I bought it I read your post (http://www.asktheramguy.com/v3/showthread.php?t=67674, dated 03-15-2008) about the speed of 16GB GT drives and was therefore expecting a write speed of ~16MB/s. However the write speed I am experiencing (as measured by HDBench) is lower. Out of the box, the write speed was ~8MB/s. After formatting the drive with the SD Organization format utility, the write speed increased to ~11.7MB/s (in the 500MB file test). Using "optimize for performance" mode instead of "optimize for quick removal" mode apparently doesn't make a difference. 11.7MB/s write is ok I guess but it is still 27% less than the lower end of the range of speeds you indicated, which is significant.


Have the specs of the unit changed again, making this normal performance? Does this sort of deviation suggest that the unit is faulty or a fake unit that isn't really made by Corsair? (I bought it at a shop.) Could I be doing something wrong?




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