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620HX and Dual PCIE's on Single 12V Rail?


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Brian Wallace over at Legit Reviews did a follow up article on the 640HX a while back about running twin 8800GTX cards off of it with no problems. I bought my PSU based on thier original writeup and when I saw this I decided now is the time to toss in that second Powercolor 4870 I'd been holding off on.


What really caught my eye in his follow up review is the following, and I quote:


"Corsair is now making dual 6-pin PCIe connectors, running two cables will give you four 6-pin PCIe connections. While the prototype cables are not sleeved they get the job done better than the adapters as free up the four of the 4-pin molex connectors." - Brian Wallace, Legit Reviews, Feb 26, 2007.


I've looked on your site and can't seem to find these cables for sale. Do you in fact make them and if so how much for 2 of them? If not, can I use two molex-to-PCIE adapater on the same cable?

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I recieved my cables here yesterday and I have to say I'm very pleased. Took a bit to get them here but now everythings working great! Just two questions.


1.) I have a plug on one end that has an extra set of connectors, I assume that's for 8pin PCIE devices?


2.) Does it matter which plug I plug into the PSU? I'd like to use the middle plug in the chain to avoild having a bunch of left over cable at the back of the GPU card.

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