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Weird K8V SE Deluxe timing anomoly


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After a comment by Ram Guy in another thread, ive decided to do some testing of the memory timings on this board. Now at the moment i havent got my XMS memory and im using some borrowed value Ram. What i did was using Aida32 test to see what affect individual timings have on the READ/WRITE scores, to see what percentage increase is caused by which timings, so i can concentrate my efforts on the biggest gains when it comes to this board. Now the weird thing is the results came pretty much as i expected when manual tweaking was involved. BUT if i set all the timings to AUTO in the bios, it defaulted to 2.5-4-4-6 according to CPU-Z, this would outperform any other setting, EVEN 2-3-3-6. Bear in mind the quoted timings for this ram are 2.5-4-4-8 so i was quite happy with 2-3-3-6. My suggestion, anyone with this board try what i have said and benchmark to see if the AUTO setting outperforms your current "tweaked" settings. Rob
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