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Pendrive died?


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Hello, I have a Corsair Flash Voyager 32GB and at this morning it works very well(in a Mac OS system) but at this afternoon I want to plug in and it don't recognise by the system. It seems that the pendrive has no format. in my mac system says


2009-02-18 19:54:17 +0100: Nombre : USB MEMORY BAR Media

Tipo : Disco


Esquema del mapa de particiones : Sin formato

Identificador del disco : disk1

Nombre de los soportes : USB MEMORY BAR Media

Tipo de contenido : Genérico

Bus de conexión : USB

Árbol de dispositivos : /PCI0@0/EHC1@4,1/@3:0

Grabable : Sí

Expulsable : Sí

Drivers del Mac OS 9 instalados : No

Ubicación : Externo

Capacidad total : 5,5 KB (5.632 bytes)

Estado S.M.A.R.T. : No soportado

Número del disco : 1

Número de partición : 0


NOTE: the led of the pendrive is always on, never ¿flick?(i'm spanish jeje)

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I didn't say that I tried to format in Windows XP but it can't proceed with the format, and in mac too :S:S


It's very strange that sais "Capacidad total": 5,5KB


EDIT: OK, i had tried to repair with some tools that I saw in other posts. When I open programs it says that it can't detect any USB. I suppose that the USB can't be recognised by Windows :S


Please I need help very urgently because I need it for university.

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OH MY GOD!!!! I'm very excited! I repaired the pendrive!


Well, I want to say what I did:


I went to http://flashboot.ru/Files-file-146.html and I download it(the page is rusian, to download file click on a button under the image, in the middle of the page)


When I opened the program I clicked on the buton "Start" and firstly it show me an error in some blocks on my pendrive. Finally I ¿rummage about? the program and then I clicked in the button Start again. When the process completed all was OK :)


Thank you, within this forum I never had my pendrive works :D

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