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Asus P6T and TR3X6G1600C9 G

Bruce Ng

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I got the i7 920, P6T and 6GB RAM for nearly half month, however the system is nonstop crashing in heavy duty work.


The system is fine when doing some casual work, but it MUST CRASH when running 3D Game or running Prime95

I already used another display cards (both ATI and Nvidia), borrow another i7 from friend, using another harddisk..., so I think it should be the RAM issue.


The RAM setting tried AUTO and XMP, both setting show no difference, it still crashing when playing 3D game or run torture test.


Please give me some advice how to do.



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  • Corsair Employees

Can you please post your complete system specifications in your profile as requested at registration so that we can better assist you?


Also, please list ALL BIOS settings you have made for CPU, RAM, and voltages.


Do you have the most recent BIOS?

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