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Just ordered this. Problems already ?


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Hello all,


I have just ordered the HX520W PSU from Newegg.


I ordered after I had done extensive research, about 4 hours of googling and reading. I found the reviews at HardOCP and JonnyGuru especially informative and helpful.


I then visited the Corsair website and made use of the PSU chooser available and it confirmed that the HX520W would work with my system and I made my final decision based on all the information I had gathered.


Then Murphys law reared its ugly head. Immediately after ordering the PS, I came to the forums, registered, started perusing the forums, and almost immediately found a post with a link to the HX520W user manual which contained this little tidbit.



"Please use ONLY genuine Corsair modular cables with Corsair HX620W/HX520W Series Power Supply. Third party cables might not be compatible and could cause serious damage to your system and power supply. The

warranty is voided with the use of third party cables."


I may have a problem. I am not trying to lay blame, just trying to find out what my options are.


I use the Silvertech TJ06 case, with the inverted MB tray and the PS unit mounted at the top of the case. The distance betweem the PSU (my old one) and MB connectors is long, but reaches. In order to "clean up" my case by routing the cables in the case, I have had to make use a 24 pin extension cable, to make it reach.


So I have a couple of questions.


If I use the 24 pin extension, does this void my warranty ?


I can, and will run the cable straight across the case if this is the only way to ensure that my warrany is going to be honored. It wont look good, but it is what it is.


Does Corsair make extension cables so that I am using "ONLY genuine Corsair modular cables"?


Any suggestions or info will be greatly appreciated.

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An extension cable will not void your warranty. The problem is that some other modular PSUs made by the same OEM have the same plug as our HX series plugs on the PSU end. However, they are wired different and may damage your equipment if you try to use them.
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Thank you very much for the info.


As usual. Corsair support comes through.


Probably "THE" reason that I have been using Corsair ram for YEARS, and if someone ask me what kind of ram to buy, I dont hesitate with "there is only one I recommend, ever, Corsair."


One follow up, would it help if I could locate a gold plated 24 pin extension ?


I dont know if they even make 'em, but worth a look.


And thanks again Ram Guy.

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