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Asus Rampage II Extreme BIOS Settings for TR3X3G1866C9DF and TR3X6G1866C9DF


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CORSAIR Dominator TR3X6G1866C9DF / TR3X3G1866C9DF

Spec 1866Mhz 9-9-9-24 1.65v

XMP Spec QPI voltage= 1.60V


Asus Rampage II Extreme

BIOS:0903 2009/01/05


Intel Core i7-920



Intel Core i7-940



Intel Core i7-965 Extreme



QPI/DRAM Core Voltage range 1.47500~1.60000V (It's depend on the quality of each i7 CPU)




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what would the settings for 2x 1866 dominators (12gb tot) be like?


cannot get them over 1333 at all, and if i only use 1 triple kit im stuck at 1600.

the second i go over those limits i only get 8gb or 4gb (with 1 kit) detected.




nvm, apparantly my dealer wanted to attach the cpu cooler forever.... loosen up some screws and *tadaa* :)

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