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RAM for micro pc not being used mostly for home theater.


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Hi. I'm glad you people are here.

I'm putting together a micro pc that will be used as a general purpose SOHO pc.

The motherboard, Asus P5Q-EM, has onboard video which I will use for a short time until I can afford a decent card.

The pc will also be used for my music, some pictures, rarely movies and rarely games as well as some business.

I was thinking of using 4 g's of RAM on 2 sticks at 800 mhz.

I tried to sort this out at the Asus site and, just like others, find it about as user friendly as an unhappy snake.

Hope you can help.



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This board is validated for quite a few modules. These are the ones I would choose.


TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX = 2GB x 2 = 4GB


This is the Corsair Memory validated for that board. Scroll down to see all the modules.




You can find the ones I mentioned at a good price here:




For $64.00 after $30.00 Mail-In Rebate

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