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New hx1000w will not power up


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Just purchased this power supply from NEWEGG .

I installed it in my system but it will not power up.

The case fans will light up and spin for a split second, the fan on

the power supply will turn a couple of revolutions , then power off.

The lcd power indicator on my mother board will stay lit but the power

supply will turn off.

I took a paperclip and jumped over the green pin and black pin, same

thing happens, runs for a split second then goes back off.

Any suggestions................

Time for a RMA ???

I installed my old power supply back into my system and everything is

up and running with it.


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Should I return it to Newegg for exchange or should I work with Corsair RMA (preferred).


I connected more than enough peripherals to ensure that there's adequate load. No matter what, there's power for half a second and then its gone.


At first I thought that it had something to do with everything else in the system (which is all new). But another PSU booted the system up. A third slightly underpowered PSU also booted the system up.


I don't want to keep toying around until something fries.


Edit: My PSU tester says there's an issue with +5VSB, whatever that means.

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